I am in the Business of working with people who write the future.

- Young Turks

A good story can change the world. Of that, I am sure. The question is, how do we tell a story that really sticks? Step one: think outside the box. Step two: rewrite the rules. Nowadays, not only financial satisfaction counts. I want to know how we can use our individual talents and our created platforms to form the society of tomorrow– starting with focusing on no other than myself.

I am Laura Lewandowski, Top 30 under 30 up-and-coming journalists, columnist for Business Insider Germany, podcast host for Red Bull and entrepreneur. 

My mission is to redefine success and level-up our performance. What exactly is it that successful entrepreneurs, scientists and visionaries do to expand their horizons? How do they use their business to create extra value? What can we learn from them to transfer this knowledge to our own daily lives?

Inspiration comes from many sources - reading, listening or experiencing. With Laura Talks | story lab I create socially relevant concepts of storytelling for corporations as well as visionary brands. Hence, my clients, namely Google, Facebook, Uber, SAP, Allianz, KPMG, My Postcard, create even more added value and use this marketing strategy as a catalyst for positive change.