Your story is making a difference in this world? Let’s spread the word!


With The Bucket List Agency I change my platform from newspaper to experiences and create socially relevant concepts of storytelling for visionary brands. Hence, my clients, namely Google, Allianz, KPMG, Deutsche Bundesbank, My Postcard, create even more added value and use this marketing strategy as a catalyst for positive change. For further information, contact me directly.

e.g. Zero Waste/ Zero Plastic Picnic (Uber), Climate Brunch (SAP), African Dinner (Google), multimedia Story on Trees in the Amazon Rainforest Brazil (The Rainforest Company) & more.


A good story can change the world. The question is, how do we tell one that really sticks? As a Top 30 under 30 Journalist I teach emotional storytelling and share my personal insights, tools and tricks on how to reach your audience with great content.

e.g. TU Berlin, Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, KPMG, Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft & more.


Innovative thinking follows innovative actions: my mission is to find out how we can use our individual talents and our created platforms to form the society. I am happy to share my profund research on self-optimization as well as on future-shaping storytelling. As a creative consultant I focus on sustainable and innovative marketing experiences following the motto „first change yourself and then change the world“.

e.g. t3n, Business Insider Deutschland & more.


Your topic is raving and your audience should feel it? As a presenter I make sure that nobody is leaving without a story to tell. I’ve announced high level executives from Philipp Justus (Google) at Tech Open Air and mastered five 5 hour Live-Stream for YouTube hottest Online-Election Party in Germany. Due to my skills as a former Senior Producer at UFA Lab/ MESH Collective I also help you developing a great concept from scratch.

e.g. Red Bull, YouTube, dpa, Bayerischer Rundfunk, TOA & more.