I am Laura, Top 30 under 30 journalists, columnist for Business Insider Germany, entrepreneur and podcast host for Red Bull. I tell stories that shape a better tomorrow and inspire a new era of change-makers. Let’s talk about yours!


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Laura Lewandowski


Intermittent fasting, Burning Man, or climate protests: I acquired new skills that help me evolve as a person and refine my perception for the essential – and I have no intention of keeping them to myself. The essence of it all can be found in my column in Business Insider Germany “self-optimized”.


How can we hack ourselves to level up our performance? Which tools are successful entrepreneurs, artists and top-athletes using to expand their horizons? Find out all about my journey of self-improvement so far and what’s currently happening ever since I started to turn my personal Bucket List into my job.

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Laura Lewandowski


I’m not your average cookie-cutter person. I am a public speaker, docent, podcast-owner, journalist and an entrepreneur. Above it all, though, I am creative. 

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How can we hack ourselves to level up our performance? Which tools, tactics, routines and habits are successful entrepreneurs, artists, and top-athletes using to expand their horizons? Listen to our Nr. 1 Podcast INNOVATOR Sessions powered by Red Bull.

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I experienced Laura as a highly professional and knowledgeable person with a true passion for inspiring people. And Laura fully lives up to this ambition: the immediate feedback and later evaluation she received from the students were indeed raving! More than a storyteller, Laura is a skillful facilitator of personal transformation, and a number of our students sought her advice.

- TU Berlin

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Laura. She is incredibly innovative and forward thinking. Her proactive approach makes working with her super easy and fast. Laura has developed and executed multiple creative campaigns for us with great success. It has always been good fun working together and I look forward to what's next to come!"

- My Postcard

Laura is highly motivated, always fun to work with and super creative. She did a lot of events for us and exceeded with amazing storytelling input. She has a lot of innovative ideas and is reliable. Even when we had no meetings scheduled she did not hesitate to contact me and give me an update. I enjoyed working with her a lot.

- Google

Laura, is one of the most creative, passionate and self-reflected young entrepreneurs that I have met in the last ten years. I would always like to work with her directly.

- Henkel AG

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